Your Dream Hair In Less Than 3 Hours

Great news: we are now offering Hotheads Beaded Weft Extensions at Bellasazi Salon & Spa in Janesville, WI! Favored by celebs and influencers, these luxury human-hair extensions are the most advanced sew-in extension we’ve found, and we’re so excited to offer them.

Read on to find out if Hotheads Beaded Weft Extensions are for you—then jump on our special limited-time offer to come in to Bellasazi Salon & Spa for a FREE consultation with a certified Hotheads extensions specialist.

What are the benefits of Hotheads Beaded Weft Extensions?

These premium human-hair extensions are applied without adhesive or heat. Comfortable and natural looking, Hotheads extensions use a “bead application” method to prevent damage to existing hair and to extend the life of the extensions. The result: extensions that are long-lasting, comfortable, beautiful, and maintain hair health.


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Hotheads Beaded Weft Extensions by Jozie. Swipe to see the after shot!

How are they applied?

Bellasazi’s certified Hotheads extensions specialists apply silicone-lined beads placed in rows at the root of the hair. The weft is then individually sewn onto the beaded base. Performed by certified Bellasazi extension specialists, the service usually takes up to 2.5 hours.

How are they customizable?
Hotheads weft extensions come in two varieties: machine-tied or hand-tied. Depending on the client’s natural hair, the stylist will choose one or the other, or a combination of both. Machine-tied wefts are thicker and denser, while hand-tied wefts are thinner and lightweight, laying flatter against the scalp. Both types of weft come in 21 shades, and can enhance color without damage; Hotheads hair extensions can be custom colored as well.

What does maintenance look like?

When well maintained, Hotheads extensions can be reused 4-5 times! Your stylist will let you know what products to use to properly care for your extensions. Clients usually return in 6-8 weeks so their stylist can reposition the beads to accommodate hair growth, and ensure they are caring for their extensions correctly.

How can I get Hotheads Beaded Weft Extensions?

Right now, Bellasazi Salon & Spa is offering a complimentary consultation to determine if Hotheads extensions are right for you. Click here to book yours or call us at 608.758.3544.