Nails & Waxing

Nail Services

*Please mention during the booking process if a removal of gel polish or french style polish is needed. This allows us to book the proper time for each guest’s needs.

Signature Manicure$25
Signature Pedicure$45
Spa Manicure$35
Spa Pedicure$55
Long Wear Manicure$35
Long Wear Pedicure$55
Detox Foot Pedicure$60
$35 as a solo service (no pedicure included)
Long Wear Removal$10
Add French Polish to Any Mani or Pedi$5
Hot Paraffin Treatment$10
Mini Pedicure$35
*under 12 years old only
Mini Manicure$20
*under 12 years old only
Nail Art and Designsstarts at $5

Waxing Services

Lip / Chin / Sideburns Waxing $14 each
Eyebrow Arch Waxing$19
Nose Waxing$15
Neck Waxing$20
Underarms Waxing$29
Basic Bikini Waxing$39
Full / Half Arm Waxing$50 / $31
Brazilian Bikini Waxing$70
Back Waxing$70
Male Brazilian $85
Full face *not including eyebrows $39

Waxing service prices can vary for each guest based on their individual needs.
Temporary redness may occur after waxing services. 1/2 in of hair growth is needed to perform waxing services.