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Nail Services


*Due to the changes in the nail industry and the amount of “gel-like” products that are currently being used in the industry please be aware that Bellasazi is no longer available to remove gel or hardened enamels that were applied from a different salon or spa previously prior to your service or as a stand alone service. The integrity of the nail is our number one priority and due to the amount of unknown ingredients in many nail products we can no longer ensure that the nail health will still be enacted. Examples of products we do not remove are dip nail products, GelX, acrylic overlays or acrylic extensions etc.

Bellasazi offers nail and hair services to guests 10 years of age and older.

Raspberry Sorbet Fizz Spa Pedicure $65
Spoil your feet with a Raspberry Sorbet treat! Grab a refreshment from our complimentary bar and soak your toes in an aromatic fizz bath made just for spring and summer. Detox soak to wash away the impurities followed by a fizz bath to spark the senses. Sugar scrub to remove dry skin then followed by an indulgent cream mask and massage butter to send your feet to pure Zen. This pedicure includes nail and cuticle work as well as callus removal and nail polish color of your choice.
Mint Mimosa Fizz Spa Pedicure$65
This luxurious spa pedicure feature five essential steps to transform your feet. Starting with the detox soak, followed by the invigorating fizz powder. Next a gentle exfoliation of the sugar scrub. Indulge in the cream mask that deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin. Finally, completing your pedicure with the soothing massage butter. The fizz powder adds an element of excitement, creating a unique and enjoyable experience while detoxifying your feet and promoting better blood circulation. With its delightful mint-meets-citrus scent, this duo is the ultimate mood booster for both your skin and spirit. This pedicure removes impurities, soften your skin, and replenishes moisture. Nail shaping, callus/cuticle removal and finished with a polish of your choice.
Lavender Vanilla Fizz Spa Pedicure$65
Get ready to experience the ultimate fizzy indulgence with our Lavender Vanilla Fizz Spa Pediure. A dynamic pedicure that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Unwind your mind and we have the remedy for stressed-out skin and feet. This luxurious spa pedicure features five essential steps: a detox soak, fizz powder, sugar scrub, cream mask, and massage butter. The fizz powder creates a sensational and enjoyable experience, detoxifying your feet and promoting enhanced blood circulation. Soothe your senses with the sweet and calming scent of lavender and vanilla. As you soak and pamper your feet, you'll effortlessly drift off into a state of complete relaxation. Nail shaping, callus/cuticle removal and polish is included with this relaxing service.
Coco Colada Oasis Spa Pedicure *Seasonal Selection$60
You’ll feel like you’re on vacation, sitting beneath palm trees, and drinking a piña colada from a coconut! Grab a coconut flavored seltzer water from our complimentary beverage bar. This pedicure will send your senses on a tropical breezy vacation. Start by soaking in the aromatic sea salt soak, sugar scrub, hot towel, mud masque, and massage butter to help you reach complete relaxation. Rich, creamy coconut extract revives dry skin and leaves your feet feeling velvety-soft and revitalized. Callus removal, nail work and a finished polish is included.
Peppermint Swirl Spa Pedicure $60
Indulge in our seasonal Peppermint Swirl Spa Pedicure. Get swept into a blizzard of relaxation. Start with a peppermint hot cocoa or hot coffee with a candy cane anchored on the side. Your service with spark the senses with all things peppermint. Beginning with a sea salt soak, cuticle and nail work, sugar scrub and callus removal, mud masque, hot towel and to finish with the luxe massage butter. Your pups will be primped and pampered. This service finishes with a polish color of your choice.
Detox Charcoal Power Pedicure $63
Release all the tension of the day with this purifying treatment that will leave you feeling like you are walking on clouds. A specialized treatment that focuses on drawing out all the impurities, all while beautifying your feet. Polish service included. Blends of charcoal soak, clay mask and luxurious oils gives this treatment the title as the perfect choice for tired feet.
Green Tea Detox Pedicure$63
Drink up this fresh herbal scent that cleanses the mind and body. This treatment includes detoxifying sea salt soak, pore-cleansing sugar scrub, mud masque and massage. Infused with natural green tea extract, this pedicure revitalizes your skin, while organic virgin olive oil deeply hydrates and locks in moisture. This pedicure offers the perfect escape after a long day, letting you unwind and give your feet the care they deserve. Callus removal, nail and cuticle work with a polish finish on the toes.
Signature Pedicure$48
A divine retreat to relaxation. Sip on a hot or cold option from our beverage bar while deciding on your choice of aromatherapy. Loose yourself in this signature service that includes nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, callus removal, massage, hot towel treatment and then to finish with the perfect polish. This service is made for men and women alike. *polish optional
Spa Pedicure$58
Spoil yourself with all the pampering of the signature pedicure but take the service to the next level with a moisturizing warm paraffin treatment.
Gel Polish Upgrade$10
++Add this to any of our pedicures. A gel polish. No downtime. Instantly dry. Highly recommended for longest wear and no risk of smudging! Please mention that you would like a gel polish when booking.
Gel Manicure$38
Manicure finished with a gel polish. No downtime. Instantly dry.
Gel Removal$10 and up
please be advised that due to the difference in density of many "gel" products we no longer are able to remove "gel" that was not applied by a Bellasazi nail tech. Be aware that depending on the amount of time needed to achieve a full removal there will be an increase in price for every 15 minutes if not applied by our team. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Add French Polish to Any Mani or Pedi$8
Hot Paraffin Treatment$15
Nail Art and Designsstarts at $5

Waxing Services

Lip / Chin / Sideburns Waxing $14 each
Eyebrow Arch Waxing$22
Nose Waxing$15
Neck Waxing$20
Underarms Waxing$29
Basic Bikini Waxing$39
Full / Half Arm Waxing$50 / $31
Brazilian Bikini Waxing$80
Back Waxing$70
Male Brazilian $85
Full face *not including eyebrows $39

Waxing service prices can vary for each guest based on their individual needs.
Temporary redness may occur after waxing services. 1/2 in of hair growth is needed to perform waxing services.