A Busy Girl’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions

A Busy Girl’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions

As beauty junkies, we can safely say that we all love a great mascara, but there’s something to be said for waking up with long, dark, fabulous lashes already looking perfect. Sound like a dream? Your Bellasazi beauty experts at the best salon in Janesville have the answer: lash extensions.

For the girl on-the-go, lash extensions are a major timesaver. With perfect lashes, you can get away with far less in the makeup department, and if you ask us, that one last tap of the snooze button is worth it.

But what are eyelash extensions? How are they applied? How long do they last? How do I maintain them? Read on for all the basics.


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How do eyelash extensions work?

Unlike their cousins, the temporary false lash strip, eyelash extensions are individually attached to your existing lashes, not the lash line, in a precise process performed by a skilled lash extension specialist. The application process takes around two hours for a full set…so skip the coffee and plan for a lash-nap.

Lashes last about 2-3 weeks before needing a fill, and you can keep them on as long as you want. We have some clients who have worn them for years!

Will they damage my own lashes?

A full set of eyelash extensions are a little bit like a full set of nails. If you’ve had them for a long time (i.e. multiple fills), there’s a little transition when you take them off, but there’s no permanent damage. We attach them to your natural lashes with a gentle yet firm adhesive that lasts as long as your natural lash growth cycle lasts.

How do I maintain my extensions?

Eyelash extensions are easy to live with if you stick to a couple of general rules:

  • Brush, wash and condition daily, and use mascara and makeup remover that’s formulated for lash extensions (your tech can recommend the right lash products for maintenance)
  • Use a silk or satin pillowcase and try not to sleep on your face
  • Keep them from getting super wet and staying super wet, i.e. don’t run a ton of water on your face in the shower and give them a quick cool-setting blow dry when you’re done so they dry quickly

So if you’re ready to wake up every morning with storybook lashes, give us a call and book with one of our Bellasazi lash specialists for the best eyelash extensions in Janesville.